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000webhost as a free web platform for your webmapping projects

We are going to create a free website, its role will be to serve as a publishing platform for HTML/PHP files, KML files, SVG files and interactive embedMap maps.

Go to, click on sign-in button



Once connected, create your website: choose its name (grandduc111 is mine, choose your own name), choose a password and click on “Create” button



Choose “Upload site”, click on its “Select” button



Double-click on the « public_html » folder or right-click on it and click on “Open” button



Right-click on the « .htaccess » file, click on “Edit” button



Add these lines :

Options -Indexes

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

AddType application/x-httpd-php .kml


Click on “SAVE & CLOSE” button



Click on « New Folder » button



Type « my_svg_files », click on « CREATE » button



Click on « New Folder » button, type “my_kml_files”, click on “CREATE” button



Your « my_kml_files » and « my_svg_files » folders are created (in “public_html” folder)



Go to « my_svg_files » folder, click on “New File” button



Type « test1.svg », click on « CREATE » button



Right-click on the « test1.svg » line and click on “Edit” button